Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Talk Turns to Weather in Baltimore

When you live on the east coast and it is winter, sometimes talk turns to the this morning in Baltimore's was supposed to be rain. And we actually did have rain for a good portion of the day but now we are in a real winter storm with high winds.

I went out to shovel the front steps ..ha...changed my mind after just two pushes...that stuff is wet and VERY heavy. Instead decided to capture a bit of this magnificent beauty.

                                            Baltimore Snow HomeRome 410-530-2400      
                                    Baltimore Snow HomeRome 410-530-2400

                                     Baltimore Snow HomeRome 410-530-2400 

This tree in the back yard is swaying in the high winds and there is a branch already on the ground. I will try the shovel again in the morning and see what other pretty pictures there are to capture.

Forget the Snow...when you have a garage or a Condo!
So once again, talk turns to weather in Baltimore.

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