Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Cosmic Pie..From Carra Riley to Margaret Rome

It has only been a few days since  Cosmic Cow Pie...The Rome Way!  was announced,  and I am loving this group.

Look what arrived from Carra... an ordinary Priority Mail from the US Post Office but nothing inside was ordinary! How did she get so much in one envelope?

There was the main book autographed of course, a double CD in a lovely case, a very special  hand written note card, a bunch of business cards and then there were the buttons.  Did not get the  meaning of the buttons til I checked out Cosmic Cow Pie..Connecting the Dots, Carra Riley's book, which I immediately started to read. Here is my friend  Anna Banana's take on Cosmic Cow Pie...

These buttons are chapter titles, including, Build A Bridge, Bar of Expectations..Step Over It, RTR, Drama Hook, Kicked To The Curb and my favorite. I Get It...I Don't Get It.
                                         Cosmic cow Pie Buttons HomeRome 410-530-2400
All the promo materials aside, this is must reading for everyone. ( I am half way through and  would have finished but wanted to share this post with you.) This is a common sense book, filled with wisdom beyond years. I love it, I love the concepts and I now see why Carra and I became friends almost the minute we first had that digital handshake..and the many follow emails and now the lengthy phone conversations. We are pretty much saying the same thing but our words are a bit different.
                         Cosmic Cow Pie HomeRome 410-530-2400 
This is a delightful fast read, filled with life lessons that will help everyone become better at coping, living, working and handling relationships. We all have Comic Cow Pies in our world but Carra shows us how to navigate in, around and over these Cow Pies of life. Listening to Carra's smooth voice...I was so caught up that I almost missed my listing appointment.  Looking forward to the second half of Carra's book on tape..unless I finish the book tonight. Even so I will be listening to her life lessons again in the car.
Carra Riley is sailing around the world with Semester At Sea and we will be following her through   “Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting the Dots Around The World". Carra will be taking Localism global! How exciting for all of us!!

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