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This is a REBLOG by C-Tann Starr...You Missed the Bixler Church Open House

This is the best post ever about my very special listing at 3736 Bixler Church Rd in Westminster. This entire article was written by Carolyn Tann-Starr who made the Open House on Sunday such a treat.

While I was showing the property to prospective buyers, C Tann was photographing the house and the natural beauty of the 28 acres. Please read and comment on Carolyn's post.

Half my gear is packed. I'm happy to be procrastinating...

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
Half my gear is packed. I'm happy to be procrastinating... I am waiting to Skype with the wee people before I go back to New York City. Mikey is waiting for them to get off the school bus and I can't wait to tease Stephen, the Minion Blur and post the digital footage I captured while visiting Lucy's home.
Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
She has a neat bird feeder that's like Grand Central Station (LOL). I have 30 minutes of footage just for the feeder alone. My kids would have been glued to the kitchen windows to watch that bit of winged mischief like television if they were here. A squirrel raided the place and made life interesting for the birds. I was really fascinated with the cat and mouse games they played over the sunflower seeds. ;-)
Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
Lucy owns the home on the album cover for the single "The Chocolate House" and Stephen is absolutely wild about this property. You can see them playing in Lucy's backyard during the Spring on the single's cover.
The boys have seen it in the Spring, Summer and Fall but never got to experience visiting during the Winter. I had a lot of fun camping out in Maryland at Lucy's house and wish the shorties were here with me when I saw the red fox.
I will share the YouTube of it when I finish the edit. I'm trying to squeeze two hours of wandering about into three minutes, so this may take a while (LOL). Maybe I'll use multiple music tracks and let the film go to what ever length it gets to. There's so much to enjoy here. I have over 200 photographs of memories just for this week end in Maryland (not counting the digital film and two DVDs I also burned - LOL). :-)
Carolyn Tann Starr 2011 Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
I wish I didn't have to go back home yet because the creative flow is off the hook here... (sigh)
But go home I must... My UPS packages are waiting and I need them to finish an assignment I accepted in New York. My life is full of interesting deadlines. Sometimes it's nice to get away and relax with your friends. :-)
My next business meeting is on Wednesday, so I definitely have to be in my NY apartment by lunch time to finish my presentation. We haven't picked a Starbucks yet for my next writing/photographer mini seminar. I'm waiting for a text message to tell me where to go once my four real estate friends/students from hell make up their crazy minds about where to meet (we play argue a lot - LOL).
I'm teaching them how to make their blogs more interesting with original photographs. Problem is, they all hate taking pictures (LOL).
There's a lot of irony in that statement...
Seriously so, but I digress... ;-)
Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
The woods surrounding Lucy's house are gorgeous and soooooo incredibly peaceful... I have been composing music like a mad scientist for two days while being a house guest. I even wrote Lucy a song as a thank you (which may or may not not be a good idea if readers think the new track sucks - LOL).
When it hits my iTunes catelog I guess I'll find out, eh? ;-)
If Stephen the Minion Blur were here, he'd be editing my musical tracks and picking out all of the pictures for my blog posts. That's his wee people job and I miss my pookies very much. They are very helpful and make blogging mad fun (frequently inspiring our outings). I'm doing a neat post for them so they can see Lucy's home in the Winter so stay tuned... There's more than what I am sharing here. :-)
Like the fact that there are two cute cats and a red fox I want you guys to meet. I tried for the owl but it was too smart for me (LOL). Sorry about some of the camera shake. I was freezing while trying to sneak up on a fox (never did that before - very tricky, fun and cool - LOL).
BTW, I missed the deer because my battery died. You can lose track of time when hiking in the woods. Did I mention she has 28 acres to explore? She does, you know... There's a stream too.
Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
If you have or like horses this is a house you may want to buy. There's a lovely paddock that would be perfect for them and a fenched in area with out buildings. This place is great for writers, artists and musicians as well... Especially ones who ski, sled and snowboard (LOL).
If you knew half the neat visuals I was creating on this computer regarding this property you'd say what I usually say, "Oh my word..."
My last thoughts as I wave goodbye to a stellar week end and post this post so I can go home? "My blog kingdom for a snowboard..."
Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
Psssst... I almost gave in to the temptation to ski down Lucy's driveway which is private, gorgeous and really, really long. However, my girlfriend Margaret couldn't find me a snowboard. Bummer... I have to get my ski friends to come check this out as a possible stellar vacation spot. I'm whispering buy, buy, buy, buy in their ears (LOL).
P.S.: Margaret tried to surprise me with the gift because she knew I really, really wanted one (LOL). The boards were sold out. I will treasure the thought always. Rainers make the best of friends, eh? My blogging buddies get me when I'm in quirky, creative mode. That is why we can take over a foodylicious spot and and have mad fun dining together like one big happy virtual family. We get together on a whim and frequently invite others to join us on our blog posts (but some people are chicken and frequently miss out on a lot of fun. The two of us had mad fun at Lucy's. Too bad some of you missed the open house on Sunday).
Carolyn Tann Starr 2011
Margaret did bring lots of yummy snacks while I was there so I didn't have to leave and interrupt my creative flow while composing new music and negotiating pending locations for the film shoot. She even checked out my gear and took my laptop for a brief spin.
How cool is that? Very! Tech geeks like sharing their toys and enjoy when people put up with out tech speak (LOL).
We even lurked on some of your blogs after the open house. Maybe you will join us next time. Time to go. I've gotta do four hours to get back home. Mr. Autism and Mr.PDD-NOS need some attention from their Mama. We have several Skype dates scheduled. ;-)


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