Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day ...A Morning Sky in Baltimore

One of the treats of getting up early and going to the gym is the beauty of the morning sky in Baltimore. Each and every day and sometimes each and every hour, our skies have photo opportunities. This morning was one of those special times. Here are two photos taken about ten minutes apart. One as I left my home and the next when I arrived at my destination.  What a wonderful way to start Valentine's Day...A morning sky in Baltimore.

When is the last time you photographed a morning sky?
                                  Baltimore Morning Sky HomeRome 410-530-240

                                   Baltimore Morning Sky HomeRome 410-530-240

This is a very special day for TLH and me. We got engaged on Valentine's day many years ago! That day turned out to be my

My Best Close Ever and Forever

Do you have a Valentine's Day story?  There are still a few hours left to enter the contest...Valentine Contest Story Weekend - Share a Story!
Special prizes awarded!



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