Sunday, March 13, 2011

CRS Luncheon in Baltimore...Not Just For the Education

CRS luncheons are not just for the education!
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Anyone who really knows about hot fudge and ice cream has to have two separate for the ice cream and the other to keep the chocolate hot. Then you can can devour it slowly and enjoy really hot chocolate with each bite! The Suburban Club is famous for its hot fudge. Maybe that's why we we had such a good turnout!

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The speaker was Neal Feinberg from MRIS. His picture on the computer screen was Tony Orlando in a tuxedo. He has given out Tony's autographs on occasion. Tony, I mean Neal, gave us the latest changes and updates with our MRIS system.
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I was able to see some old friends and colleagues and meet a few new ones. Education is not always the reason to attend!

In the photo below is Gretchen Conley an AR member and CRS Communication's Chair, Linda Betts CRS Program Chair and  mutual friend of one of my favorite clients.  These two women were very gracious in greeting all of us and making sure we had the right name badge.

And that good looking guy with the smile is Dan Quinn CRS Treasurer and AR Member. Dan joined us for our ActiveRain lunch last month in Baltimore.

                                              Dan, Gretchen, Linda -HomeRome 410-530-2400

A young agent named Scott McKee introduced himself to me. He reminded me that when he first got into real estate thirteen years ago, I  was the speaker at his Fast Start class with Anne Hruby. He even remembered some of the things I shared with the class. Scott also told me he had just read my book Real Estate the Rome Way at the public library and had some really nice things to say.     

                                                             Scott McKee CRS member.. HomeRome 410-530-2400

CRS luncheons are not just about the education. It is a wonderful way to re-connect and meet other agents from around the area.
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