Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you have professionals on your team in Baltimore?

Do you have professionals on your team in Baltimore?
I hope you have one like  Keith Whitehead, Sr.

When  you have been in real estate for awhile you develop a team...not a team of agents for me..but a team of trusted professionals. One of these professionals is a gentleman by the name of Keith Whitehead,Sr .. President of Home Advantage Home Inspections, Inc. His wife Dee answers the phone and schedules the appointments.

Most of you know that I am a listing agent but  occasionally work with buyers. I have used Keith for a pre-home inspection.  I have used Keith when I am working for the buyer. I will recommend Keith for anyone buying or selling and if my family or friends were purchasing, I would also use him for a buyer purchasing new construction.

A good inspector can help make a transaction go smooth. The inspector is not only there to point out and write up the  defects found with the property but to help educate the buyer. The inspector works for the buyer and having a good rapport with all the parties is essential. There is way of explaining a defect, what it means, how it can be corrected and an estimated cost.

Keith does it by stating the facts and does not let emotions play a part. He speaks to the client during the inspection or he can finish the inspection and just give the summary. Almost all of the buyers choose to stay with him during the entire process. He does a hand written report at the conclusion. For me this has worked well and I can complete the home inspection repair addendum, of course after discussing it with the buyer. It is frequently done with Keith still there to make sure we all understand the issues.

      Keith Whitehead..HomeRome 410-530-2400    HomeRome 410-530-2400

This past week, Keith did a home inspection for my buyer  and he was true to form...pointing out the age of certain appliances, how to change a furnace filter, where the main water shut off valve was located, and even how to test the smoke detectors.  The gas fireplace was turned off. He showed how to turn the pilot on and cautioned that the gas fireplace needed to be cleaned prior to using. This was an older condo unit, the buyer was aware of the condition and negotiated the price accordingly.

There was a list of items...no major repairs, a bit of wear and tear and all in all, the buyer decided to remove the contingency with no requests.  The buyer felt completely comfortable with the inspection and felt a good choice was made in her new home.  I emailed the very surprised listing agent to tell her the good news.
Please don't get me wrong. I have no qualms about writing a tough home inspection addendum when needed and even pulling out of contract when warranted.

I hope you have professionals on your team like Keith Whitehead, Sr.

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