Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Excellence in Achievement Can be a Contest You Have With Just Yourself !

This is one of the best photos I've seen on ActiveRain. You can see and feel the action in the water.  What a pleasure knowing that William saved this special picture to share my experience with something he taught me.

It was not until all those robins  appeared in my yard and I compared my photos with William's. The realization:  I could 'feel' the feathers in his photography. That's when I called him. He was abundantly gracious sharing his knowledge and telling me about this new toy.


Via San Diego Real Estate Voice authored by William Johnson GRI CRS e-Pro CDPE (RE/MAX Associates):
Excellence in Achievement Can be a Contest You Have With Just Yourself !
Meeting the Challenge
I was speaking with Margaret Rome in Maryland early this morning and she was so excited with results she is getting with her new monopod. For those of you that don't know what a monpod it, it is simply a post to mount a camera on that helps steady a camera for tack sharp photos. 

If you think of a tripod (3 legs) , a monopod is simply one leg to balance a camera on that minimizes the camera shake that can give some photos a fuzzy or out of focus appearance. The cool thing about her new monopod, the Trek Tech Pod II, is that it also opens at the bottom to make an ultra lightweight tripod suitable for easy mobility and doubles over as a waking stick for hiking.
Margaret is starting to show all the signs of wanting to be a more accomplished  photographer. She is falling in love with her camera and wants it to capture more things that can more easily expresses her excitement of the many things she encounters and then of course to share those experiences with others in her blog. 

Passion will always meet with opportunity and the results will encourage Margaret to have many more successful experiences and learn of the other useful photography tools that will help accomplish some of her more advanced photography goals. No doubt that getting good results in photography makes you want even more good results and like blogging here in ActiveRain, it becomes an experience we would never trade for anything at any price.

Keep your on eye on Margaret, she will soon be adding "photographer" among here other resumé accomplishments.

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