Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Four More Winners..This Time...Valentine Contest!

My last post was about the eight winners from Stefan's Serengeti challenge.
Today, we have more winners. This time for Anna Banana's Valentine's Day Contest.  I had the privilege of being one of the four judges...not an  easy task with so many good entries.  Here they are. Please take time to congratulate each of the winners and to thank Anna Banana for the idea and her special prize! Looking forward to each interview.

 Here are the 4 winners of the BananaTude Valentine Contest!
#1   Valentude a Love Story by Bridget " Mortgage Mama" McgeeBananaTude Group Contest Winners
#2  My Father Made my Valentines Day by Susan Emo
#3 My Valentude Love is Love no Matter who it's Between Period by
Thom Abbot

#4 My Valentine Celebrations Aren't What They Used To Be by Tish Lloyd

All 4 winners will be personally interviewed (via phone) by Anna Banana. It will be great to learn from each one of them what makes their business and personal lives successful.

These 4 BananaTudes have real TUDE!
Each interview will be Featured in BananaTude!  
Thanks to the judges Karen Fiddler, Wanda Kubat-Nerdin, Margaret Rome and Andrea Swiedler!



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