Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you William Johnson, I took your advice!

Thank you William Johnson for your suggestion. I took your advice! I love being able to see the squirrel's eye, the light through his/her ear, the individual hairs of the furry tail and the buds on the tree. All because I took your advice.

                          My Squirrel..HomeRome

This was a comment made by William Johnson about my Spring Robins in Baltimore.

''I am going to recommend you use a tripod. It is not always convenient so here is a better compromise. Buy a monopod. I have a really neat one ( light as feather with magnetic ball head for fast release of camera) that would be great for a point and shoot camera. I use it when I don't carry my tripod or in a crowd of people at some of our events here in San Diego. It doubles over as a walking stick so it is very cool looking as well. It helps hold the camera from shaking ( even a tiny bit of movement can make the photos less sharp).  Once you have it, keep it handy and the difference in the quality of the shot you simply will not believe until you see for yourself...''

My TrekTech Pod II arrived this week and I have had very limited time to play with it. The photo above was taken using the tripod..a first for me.

The next time I see those robins, I will have better photos for sure!
Thank you William Johnson for your suggestion. I took your advice!

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