Thursday, March 31, 2011

There Are No Emergencies in Real Estate!

  I wrote in my book  Real Estate the Rome Way   "There are no emergencies in real estate."
  However, there was an emergency this evening.

                                   Emergency Monitor...HomeRome 410-530-2400

My daughter (who is fine now) had to be taken to  the Emergency Room. I was at her house in no time for the quick trip to  Sinai Hospital, where I was a former Head Nurse.

She was taken care of quickly and her treatment took  only a few hours. That part of the emergency was handled with ease. The doctor, nurse, and the entire staff were efficient and very professional.

But now...the real  emergency!  How was I going to write my blog???? I thought about doing it on my  phone...the Palm Pre, but then I had a much better idea.  Erica , brilliant daughter of mine, brought her laptop and is doing the typing right now. 
                                                                   ER typing in the ER typing

 Tonight's blog!

Lee and I are contemplating adoption!  Erica has been scouring the internet for the perfect cat. She's been emailing us photos of  special kitties available at  the local adoption sites. And tonight she found Phoebe who seems to be everything we want in a cat. 

 Here is an excerpt of her profile :  "Phoebe is a beautiful well tempered Siamese mix  with diamond blue eyes.... approximately 7 years old... up-to-date on all her shots... spayed and declawed... very clean and litter trained. She has been in a home with two older people for the last couple of years....." 
But it was her face that I fell in love with!!

We are making plans to meet and "view" Phoebe next week. We are qualified, we filled out the adoption papers and...  If Phoebe likes us, it's quite possible that she will become the newest member of the Rome family.

How the heck is this related to real estate? Well, when a buyer finds "their perfect house" on an internet ad, it may or may not be "their perfect house."  People, pets and houses all have personalities. Without seeing the home...a decision cannot be made.  

Just like a home needs to be previewed and touched and felt (inspected) does Phoebe need to be touched and felt!  
Stay tuned.

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