Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Margaret Rome Mentioned in Realtor® Magazine...The Answer Is Blogging!

Margaret Rome Mentioned in Realtor® Magazine...The Answer Is Blogging!

A Facebook message from one of my favorite people..Carra Riley! 


"Margaret, Tom was just reading the new Realtor Magazine and read a wonderful Open House tip from you on page 18! There you go Rocking the World! Great to be back reading about the "Rome Way!"

 Since I did not have a copy.. Google found this quote from the magazine.

''Pick a theme. Margaret Rome, broker-owner of HomeRome Realty in Baltimore, says you have to make the event fun. She’s hosted a popcorn-and-champagne soiree, a block party with a huge BBQ pit, and an evening cocktail party at the homes of her listings. The events garnered attention and directly led to the sale of the home.''


Last  year around this time, we had this event...Realtor Magazine's Open House Master Series and the First ActiveRain Open House

All of these things happened because of blogging. I did an unusual BarBQue open house on a Thursday evening and, of course, blogged it. The Washington Post picked up the story..Active Rain, The Washington Post, and My Name in Print 

                                           Washinton Post

That was quite exciting and there was a story on the front page of the REAL ESTATE section including a mention of Active Rain! Turns out I didn't need to run around and buy copies of the Washington Postthe article is  online with this headline.. "How do you make an open house stand out? Sometimes agents go to extremes, but the glitz doesn't always help."

Sometime later I got a call from REALTOR® Magazine asking if I would be their Open House Master.  Funny thing ...I don't  even do open houses...well not traditional 1-3 Sunday Open Houses. Even tell my clients up  open houses.

So how does someone who is known NOT to do Opens wind up as the Master Open House Realtor® ?

The answer is Blogging!
               Open House Sign HomeRome

...and here are a bunch of blogs written about open houses. You will find even more by searching "open  house" on ActiveRain.

Open Houses Can Be For the Birds...A Busy Baltimore Weekend. 
 One Phone Call, One Listing, Two Sales and a Whole Bunch of Blogs!

Realtor Magazine's Open House Master Video is Here! First ActiveRain Open House Update! -
 Spur of the Moment- ActiveRain OPEN HOUSE...Join Us! 3738 Bixler Church Road 21158 Today!

 The ActiveRain Open House Was Awesome  
 UPDATE! First Active Rain Open House Gathering in Baltimore, MD...Starts TODAY! -
6300 Red Cedar Place #406 Heather Ridge- Baltimore, Maryland 21209
 Most Prices are Firm....A Three Day Open House -
 A Three-Day Open House! Yes...Three Full Days!  
 Active Rain, The Washington Post, and My Name in Print  

 Not Your Every Day Open House -

 Wednesday Night Open House..Are You Kidding Me?

Margaret Rome Mentioned in Realtor® Magazine!  The answer is Blogging!

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