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Photography | All Is A Flutter In Butterfly Jungle !

This featured blog, done by my friend and mentor, is spectacular..maybe one of my favorite photography posts on ActiveRain.    Thank you William Johnson!

This is the comment I left on his post:  

'I sincerely enjoyed this bit of heaven you have discovered. I would love to have a camera and YOU by my side touring this piece of heaven!  I am in love with your butterflies!!!Please share more...cannot wait.'
..and he did...take a look at William's comment #55 on the original blog. It that not fabulous?!!
Via San Diego Real Estate Voice authored by William Johnson GRI CRS e-Pro CDPE (RE/MAX Associates):
All Is A Flutter In Butterfly Jungle !
Butterfly Jungle | San Diego Safari Park
Yours truly turned into a kid. Butterfly Jungle opened in San Diego Wild Animal Safari park April 9th. When I received my invitation, it came with a reminder that I needed to register  for a time slot since there were going to be crowds and the assigned time passes would  be in 15 minute intervals.

When I arrived at the park the parking lot was full up and on a weekday no less. Fearing I wouldn't be able to get as many photos in that limited time, I knew I needed to be ready and I was. I had all my equipment ready.

I was weighed down with extra lenes, my monopod the speedflash and I had one destination. At least in my mind that is. When I received my assigned time, it was for about 30 minutes later and I had time to wander around Safari Park. I went over to the Lagoon as particular bird, the Shoebill Stork had alluded me on my last visit and I wanted to see if he was around. He was and not only was he available , he gave me quite a nice collection of up close and personal shots.
My time was coming up for entrance into Butterfly Jungle and I was ready and actually one of the first ones in line. I was surrounded with about 10 little kids and their parents and behind me, the line was already out of sight. WOW, I was taller and felt assured that I would be able to see and get close to the action.

I have never seen anything quite like this before. If Butterflies represented Heaven, then I had arrived!
There were so many butterflies , I couldn't snap the shutter fast enough. One of my favorite photos was of youngster taking photos with an iPhone and my image is a full on shot of a butterfly and right along side it was her iPhone with the same image. 
There is way to much information to share in one post so I will hold some of the images back and perhaps post more about this experience. I read up on how caterpillars metamorphosed into butterflies so I would informed when I presented these photos. Maybe no one cares because the excitement of the day for me at least is the real story. As I told you, I turned into a kid again and was totally fascinated by what I took in.

Listing and Selling real estate in San Diego is such a joy for me . And it has become even more so since I re-discovered photography. Being able to excite people who want to live here with some of the many pleasures and treasures presented throughout our entire region has helped me to be the most excited I have even been in real estate. Yes, we could talk about business for a very long time but my clients also seem to enjoy my passion for our wonderful communities and the quality of life that exists here. From estates to entry level homes, we all share something in common that is priceless, our home here in San Diego and the many experiences and pleasures it affords us.

Here are some of the many captures from our Butterfly Jungle. Hopefully this will remind you that is it Spring.

Butterfly Jungle | Safari Park
Butterfly Jungle | Safari Park
Butterfly Jungle | Safari Park
Butterfly Jungle | Safari Park
Butterfly Jungle | Safari Park
Butterfly Jungle | Safari Park
I sincerely hope you enjoyed these photos. 

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