Monday, April 25, 2011

Searching the MLS is Like Having Your Own Electronic Agent! Try it! It is a Free Service From HomeRome

Searching the MLS is  Like Having Your Own Electronic Agent! Try it! It is a Free Service From HomeRome!

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About a hundred years ago when I was looking for a home, I would call from a sign or ad in the paper to inquire about the price, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc.  Instead of answering my question, the "duty" agent would question me. "Where do you live? How much do you want to spend?", What is your phone number?" What is the name of your first born?" ...well maybe not that but I could not just get a question answered! On the rare occassion when I gave up my number, the calls would come in at dinner time trying to sell me something else. It was so frustrating that I resorted to giving a phony name and transposed my phone number. You would not be able to do that with today's technology..well you  could block  your number.    I resented not being able to get simple information and made a vow when I started in real estate to answer any and all  questions.

Yes we are taught to get information from the "leads" so we can stay in touch and follow up. (If you give them an answer, ask a question in return.)

Since I resented not being able to get simple information, I did not want to make others feel that same way. So I decided in the beginning of my career to answer callers  questions.

Callers are frequently surprised when I just answer their immediate question. I give them the price, I give them the location, I give them the schools, I give them the type of heat...I answer their specific concerns. Sometimes I even say you don't have to give me your name or number...feel free to call with your questions or concerns. I have earned more clients over the years with this approach than all the probing questions we have been taught.

To search the MLS , either to buy a home or to keep an eye on your own neighborhood,  I have made it easy to sign up and search the Multiple List System for  All Active Maryland Listings

It is...Like Having Your Own Electronic Agent! You can find all the active listings in Maryland plus the five surrounding states.

Try it! It is a Free Service From HomeRome!

Search the MLS just like Realtors®
                                              Click to search All Active Maryland Listings 
 You can narrow the search down to number of bedrooms, lot size, price range, zip code, etc. Be sure to sign up with your email address to ensure daily email updates of properties. These emails will include photos, address and price of  the listed  homes. This is a free service to make finding your special Baltimore home easier.  I am available to answer any questions or concerns.

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