Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thank You Erica For Finding Phoebe a New Home...The HomeRome!

Thank you Erica Rome for finding the purrfect cat for your dad (also known as TLH) You did all the work for us... all the searching, all the emailing, all the communication with Susan Lopez and the wonderful adoption agency

You made all the arrangements, helped get everything ready for Phoebe and even drove to Virginia with us to meet Susan, the adoptive family and Phoebe.  You did all this after your busy week.

A few years ago I remember going to visit some other kitty cats.

Yesterday was a big day for the Rome family. We went to visit Phoebe and were interviewed by Phoebe and her family.   This is one little kitty we saw.

Great news! They liked us and we brought Phoebe home with us. The entire ride home which was well over an hour, Phoebe meowed. What a talkative feline we have.

As soon as we got her into our house and now more than 24 hours later...not a peep, not a mew, not a purr and no meows.

She is hiding from us...getting used to her new owners. I have found her under furniture, in the bathtub, under what used to be Erica's bed, in a corner next to my sofa in my office. Still no sounds and she is still hiding. I managed a couple of photos.

Phoebe sticking her head out of the carrier in the car. 

                                           This is Phoebe..HomeRome 410-530-2400   

Curled up in a corner...not easy to photograph but so pretty!

                                  Phoebe HomeRome 410-530-2400

As soon as Phoebe is feeling more at home with us, I am sure there will be lots of photos and fun things to report. Stay tuned to Phoebe Rome in her new home...The HomeRome!

..and thank you Erica Rome for finding Phoebe for us!!

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