Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Blog.... NOT...Why You Should Blog!

Why I blog...Not... Why You Should Blog!

On Thursday April 21stat 9:30 AM (that's tomorrow) I will be speaking at GBBR  Rookie Society Invites Margaret Rome ..Blogging ActiveRain Why & How 

                                             GBBR- Greater Baltimore Board Realtors

                                                         Blogging ActiveRain
Here is what I am going to say.

I am here to tell you the advantages that Margaret Rome has gotten from blogging. I am NOT  here to say:  You should be blogging.

Uh uh.

Over the years since 2006 when I first discovered ActiveRain and blogging... I have written a book, been featured in the Washington Post, been chosen as  Realtor Magazine's Open House Master  (and I don't do open houses)!

I have been the  # 3 ActiveRain blogger in the state of Maryland, have made an enormous amount of friends, connected with other professionals like Bridget McGee and  Chip Frye  gotten sellers and buyers contacting me on a weekly if not daily basis.

I have had a wonderful outlet to showcase my properties and give them maximum exposure.

I was at a home inspection when the buyer started talking about how he found this home. He described how I wrote about the house like telling a story, how I weaved the neighborhood and the local restaurants into the story.

His agent, (who came into the business at the same time) was not a rookie..but asked what is a blog?  I spent some time explaining and offered to sign her up ( like I do many others) and her comment..oh never mind, I don't have time for that!

You can go read books, take classes, seminars, webinars and learn about blogging. If you really do want to learn, go sign up  

I am not worried anymore that I will be overwhelmed. Over the years I have invited thousands of people..149 have accepted and there is not even a handful that are really blogging.

So I am not here to say you SHOULD blog. I am here to say if you have an interest in blogging I am here to help you!

Here is the link to sign up for ActiveRain.  

Call me when you have some time and I will walk you through the process.

Why I Blog...Not... Why You Should Blog!

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