Sunday, May 01, 2011

I heard a friend on the radio today!

Today sitting in my car, I heard someone say...'Margaret Rome'. It was Seth Dailey a fellow CyberStar who was arriving at the radio station to be a guest on WCBM at 6:00PM.

Seth was excited about being a guest. I knew the feeling since I have been a guest and hosted  many radio programs  at this same station.

Back when we had only 5.500 members, ActiveRain  called in!  And other CyberStars were guests including  Allen Hainge the founder.

                                               Seth and Alyce
Seth and Alyce were interviewing a seller who was delighted with the way the Dailey Team sold their house. It reminded me of the time I interviewed First Time Home Buyers  on the radio.

Seth and Alyce talked about the 3 P's -Preparation, Pricing and Process.

They do staging for each listing and impress on the sellers how it is important to have the house  'show ready' at all times. They describe the way you have to list... having a beauty contest and a pricing war at the same time.   When a buyer comes to see your is not the first visit. The first visits are on the internet! So if the house is getting hits and no visits...time to see why. Is it the poor photos or the price? I hope Seth and Alyce taped the show because it was really good.

I heard a friend on the radio today!

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