Sunday, May 08, 2011

Knock Knock! Door Knock..Who Me? You Must Be Kidding!

Knock Knock!  Door Knock..Who Me? You Must Be Kidding!

ActiveRain member and friend, Jane Peters, recently wrote a post "To Door Knock or Not to Door Knock..."?

And my comment...
"... Just today when showing a house that the buyer did not like, I said: Do you see any home on this street that you like?

 She pointed  to a home diagonally across the street. I walked over, knocked on the door...and you will have to wait for a future post to find out what happened."..
                                     Knock Knock

The future is here..

I knocked on the door and a lovely couple came out to talk with us. They love their home and it really shows pride of ownership. The gardens, the lawn, the exterior sparkled..she did apologize for having "stuff" in the garage. After talking about her home and the neighborhood, I asked if there might be anyone around thinking of selling. Hubby says.."why don't you sell the house next door?"

But is this neighbor was ready to sell?  Only one way to find out...and what did I have to lose? 

I went over, knocked on the door, introduced myself.  I told him I was working with buyers, had shown a listed home across the street and about the conversation with his next door neighbors.

Before you knew it, I was in his house, taking a tour, looking at photos of his children and grand kids,  talking about where he would move. I gave him  my business card  and he gave me his cell phone number.

 We both wanted to know if the other was serious. He wanted to know if these were qualified buyers and I wanted to know if he would really move with the right offer.

The next thing you know, the buyers are touring the house, with the understanding that it was far from show ready. It is the kind of house they are looking for...a four bedroom colonial, with hardwood floors, a big level back yard, a large basement for storage and in their favorite neighborhood.

I made a follow up call...Stay tuned.  The  seller is trying to figure out where he will move...and the buyers are ready to make an offer based on his decision.

Knock Knock..Door Knock..Who Me? You Must Be Kidding!

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