Friday, May 06, 2011

Losing Your Sentri Card..Thank You Melissa for the Quick Service!

This has been a very busy week with listing appointments, contracts  and getting ready for the  Garden Party . On Monday, it was time to update my lockbock when I realized  my Sentri card was missing.  My email alerts me the day before expiration.

Instead of spending valuable  time looking, I called Sentri and was told to contact my board. Within a short time, I had an appointment, met with Melissa, was issued a new card, a new pin number and was ready to go.  The service was a pleasure, done quickly and cost only twenty bucks!  If you lose your card.. call the board , set a time and then give a Thank You  to Melissa for the quick service!

                   Melissa @ GBBR          Melissa's card

Here in  Maryland  we use SentriLock Boxs... a good product, safe, easy to use and keeps records of all who enter my listings. This is such a convenient feature to find out who kept their appointment and any return showings. It also is a good record to show our sellers the different agencies who have accessed their home.  It's Not Lockboxes...It's How Agents Use Them!

            SentriLock HomeRome Realty  SentriLock Card Reader  HomeRome Realty

When you have such a hectic schedule, it is nice to know that this important service is available. Thank you GBBR and Melissa for taking such good care of us!

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