Monday, May 16, 2011

New HomeRome Listing...3506 Gardenview Rd... Stevenson 21208...With Garden Side Swimming Pool

New HomeRome Listing in Stevenson 21208...With Garden Side Swimming Pool   
The street address is appropriately named... Gardenview .

This sprawling 5 Bedroom contemporary ranch home sits on 1.5  luscious landscaped acres. Four thousand square feet on two levels insures everyone's privacy. The 30 foot deck overlooks the gardens, patio, landscaped grounds, fish pond and  pool.

                                 New HomeRome Listing

The free form swimming  pool, with hot tub, allows you to exercise and relax in your own back yard. Like being on vacation without leaving home.

                                Pool Opening..HomeRome Listing 

You could  start your summer a bit early with this new Stevenson listing. The pool is open and really inviting.                                     

                                New HomeRome Listing

For more photos

3506 Gardenview Rd. Stevenson, MD. 21208 Spawling Rancher With Pool 

New HomeRome Listing... 3506 Gardenview Rd... Stevenson 21208...With Gardenside Swimming Pool

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