Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Can Get a FREE chapter of Cosmic Shift Happens™ right NOW

Get a FREE chapter of Cosmic Shift Happens™ right NOW and then join    BlogTalkRadio  Thursday May 12, 2011 at 10:00 P.M. East Coast Time.  That might be a bit late for us but I am sure it will be worth it.
The talk will be about  navigating cyberspace.  You can call into the show..the number is  347-857-3056.
Joeann Fossland  and Carrra Riley  will be  guests of  Cheryl Resnicks on BlogTalkRadio show  "Unforgettable Facebook Connections."

This international collaborative e-book was written by:
Carra Riley, Joeann Fossland, Brad Hanks, Karin Hanna, Sadie-Michaela Harris, Anna “Banana” Kruchten, Carolyn McAndrew, John Panico, Mary R. Roberts, Margaret Rome, Bernice Ross, Darity Wesley, and CJ Yeoman.  

The physical locations of  the authors are from all over... including France, Australia and across  The United States.   How people are connecting could be useful in all types of marketing

Did you notice my name slipped in with this impressive group?  In the past few years I have presented with
Joeann and Bernice in Baltimore

Bernice, Margaret,Joeann 

and ...includes valuable content from some  of our  ActiveRain members who are making contributing to educate the public through their blogging efforts. This is a 90 page e-book which has been crowd-sourced with individuals working in cyberspace from around the world.  The term "crowd-sourced" refers to the fact that a group of people collaborated, sharing ideas to create this e-book.

As the Cosmic Shift Happens™ this book will help with taking control of social media and allow one to have fun! There are tips on how to engage in cyberspace and how to keep your head screwed on straight in the virtual world! The e-book may help readers ease the anxiety of engaging in cyberspace and feel comfortable about some of the things that cound happen out there. Being aware of what may come up takes away fear and gives a feeling of power.''

Here are a few people you might recognize.

 Carra Riley  Carra

Anna "Banana" KruchtenAnna Banana

           Margaret Rome  and Coach Joeann Fossland  Margaret and Joeann                                                                                                                                                                                       
Come join the fun for the  e-launch on blogtalkradio! 

Get a FREE chapter of Cosmic Shift Happens™ right NOW and then join  blogtalkradio May 12, 2011 at 10:00 P.M. East Coast Time.

  The call in number  is 347-857-3056  and will be hosted by  Cheryl Resnicks blogtalkradio show "Unforgettable Facebook Connections." 

You Can Get a FREE chapter of Cosmic Shift Happens™ right NOW

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