Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do a Favor For Your Senior Clients...

Have you ever been to a client's home who was overwhelmed with the paperwork, with the bills, with their taxes? They are embarrassed to tell anyone because.. who would understand?..who could help?  It can be stressful to someone who has always been meticulous with their filing and banking with no help from anyone.

This disarray of filing might be due to an illness, dementia, getting older, loss of interest or the passing of a spouse who took care of these necessities. How can you help? How can someone who does not know you come in and figure out the hoards of paperwork?
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This is how I delt with  CHECKS and BALANCES a few years ago.

I have found that person. Her name is Frankie Lissauer a very special bookkeeper and true professional. She is a great asset to my team. The stress of my clients  has dropped to nil as compared to before.   Within minutes of entering the home... Frankie  is working to make order of the paper mountain. And she makes it look so easy and immediately brings a sense of calm to the homeowner.

What a gift! I would recommend Frankie to anyone who might need help with paperwork,medical expenses paying bills, tracking of all income/expenses or general bookkeeping. In fact Frankie would be perfect for almost anyone including real estate agents who become inundated with paperwork. Below is more information on this delightful colleague..

I may just invite Frankie to she has lots of tricks to help us organize our older clients.

Do a Favor For Your Senior Clients...

Margaret Rome
Author of Real Estate the Rome Way

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