Saturday, June 11, 2011

High Stress When Selling a House!

My friend  Karen' Bernetti wrote a post recently about the stress of selling. When you couple the sale of a home with another life altering change such as divorce, you increase that stress even more. I do a counseling session with all my sellers giving them a heads up of this potential emotional roller coaster.

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In most cases the situation goes well. Only once did we have to separate the couple at settlement. As an agent, you have to keep the transaction on a  business level.

We have been living in the same home since 1976. Maybe harder to believe ...still married to husband number one!  My reasoning as I explain to clients:  'I am not about to put myself through the stress you will be experiencing during this listing and selling process.'

That is where my counseling sessions come in...starting at the beginning of a  listing...explaining the stress of selling. When bumps come up, there is a need for more counseling.  As a former Registered Nurse, I am aware that stress can manifest many different emotions. Moving is one of the top stress producers, along with death, illness, divorce, job loss and other life changing situations.

I go on to explain....If you normally  get along well, you may experience some slight bickering. If you are a bickering couple...there might be some arguments...and if you are family that is somewhat dysfunctional (no I don't say that) or in a divorce situation, there can be knock down out of control situations! It is rare to get through a transaction without someone having a mini breakdown. This happens in almost all cases...not just divorce.

I have seen mini tantrums over what seems like trivia..the socks were not picked up, the dishes were left in the sink, the agent did not call to cancel the appointment, the showing was  last minute, there was a spelling error in the description.  Just keep in mind ...

There is high stress when selling a house!

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