Monday, June 20, 2011

There is Another Reason Your House Has Not Sold! The Right Buyer has not seen it!

Quite a few posts have been written with reasons your listings won't sell. Alan May has blogged this subject several times. I am here to say...

There is Another Reason Your House Has Not Sold! The Right Buyer has not seen it!

When asked why the house has not sold or why it's been on the market so long...most people will say "It has to be the price". Everything will sell at the right price. List em right and they will sell.

Many times this is true, especially if you have, cookie cutter homes, in the same neighborhood with comps to support the pricing.
                                                         The Right Buyer   HomeRome 410-530-2400

But not always! Their are some unique homes that are not  Clone-onials .... that have not sold because THE RIGHT BUYER has not seen it. I have listed homes that failed to sell and it was not about the price. Let me give you some examples.

Had a house on the railroad tracks. The other agent said price had to come way down to compensate.  In my opinion, the value was there but it needed to be marketed to "train lovers". "Set your clocks by the train schedule."  I sold that one to a retired conductor who had always wanted to be near a railway. He was so happy...never thought he could have an actual train going by his home. That was the right buyer.

Had another contemporary rancher with a pool  ON  the beltway.  Callers would ask if you could hear the beltway noise. Not only could you hear it, you could read the license plates on the cars if the traffic was slow. I emphasized "Close to Beltway", " Easy access to Beltway", "Your own traffic report from your kitchen window."  Again there were several agents prior to my taking the listing.  First thing I said..''No more open houses and take the sign down!''

Why? ...because it had been on the market forever! It needed a fresh start. I sold it to a musician who raised German Shepherds...large dogs with very healthy barks. They needed space where sounds would bother no one. He also did a lot of traveling and wanted easy access to get to the airport. That was the right buyer.

HomeRome listing SOLD  410-530-2400

Then there was my historic church...again I was not the first agent. It was 100 years old, it did not have luxury modern baths, it did not have central air and there was a cemetery attached. You could sit on the deck and enjoy the peace and quiet. Not everyone wants to live next to a cemetery. It took a lot of creative marketing and the right buyer to see the house.

HomeRome listing SOLD  410-530-2400

Even more recent was the Westminster Contemporary, a former ostrich farm, on 28 acres. We had numerous showings and some of the comments....''it was too far out'', '' it was too contemporary'', '' it had too much land'',  ''it was too wooded'',  ''it had a private road'' and '' it needed repairs".  

It took a year but we found the right buyers!  They loved the contemporary, they loved the location, they loved the house, they loved the woods, they loved the private road, they loved the land and they could afford to make the necessary changes! They were the right buyers!
Here are two very special homes that have not been seen by the right buyers.

14 Timber Way..The Perfect Name for a Contemporary Rancher With a Four Car Garage
                            14 Timber Way..Contemporary Rancher 4 Car Garage  HomeRome 410-530-2400


2301 Velvet Ridge Dr. Owings Mills, MD. Contemporary Rancher With Indoor Pool!

                                                Contemporary with Indoor Pool HomeRome 410-530-2400

There is Another Reason Your House Has Not Sold!  The Right Buyer Has Not Seen it!

Margaret Rome
Author of Real Estate the Rome Way

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