Wednesday, June 22, 2011

'You Sold a Home For Us About 19 Years Ago...'

Received this email from a former client:

''You sold a home for us about 19 years ago in Randallstown.  I just became a
Realtor® in W.V. and I have a client the Navy... looking to rent ....she will be working at John Hopkins for the next 2 years. Could I refer her to you?''

I picked up the phone and called. In no time we were caught up. I was pretty new back then but I remembered Angie and I remembered the house.                                                                                           

                                               Angie's house  HomeRome 410-530-2400

I remember the homes sold for her brother in law, her mother in law and a few other referrals.

What I also remember...Angie was an immaculate house keeper. Her home was a pleasure to show. Always perfect! Of course with small children, I gave her as much notice a possible. 

I also remember the day her home sold.

It was Angie's  moving day when a buyer called wanting to see the house. Her response... "Oh No...the place is a wreck." My comment back then. "They may not buy it if it is a mess...they definitely will not buy it if they can't see it."

I went over to show it..stuff all over the place guessed it...the right buyer! The house was SOLD that day!

This is Angie's next email:

"Hi Margaret,
If you could help... this gal find a rental, I would be so appreciative.  I don't have my Maryland license...just got WV 3 months ago.  You were the one who got me interested in real estate 19 years ago.  You suggested I read a book that was written, by a gal named Danielle.  She had like 5 children and still had a successful family life and work life.  We ended up with 5 children also and I put real estate on the back burner until now.  I really wanted to do it before I got too old..LOL!  My oldest is 22 and youngest is 7.  This is a friend of a client that I got her house listed as a rental and in a few years she will sell and hopefully I will get the listing.  This gal in the Navy and will be interning  at Johns Hopkins for 2 years....has 2 mild mannered dogs.....  I really appreciate your help if you could find her something.  She is not having any luck with a reliable Realtor® in Baltimore......  Thanks Bunches,  Would love to talk to you about Real Estate and I see you wrote a book..would love to read it.  Take care,  Angie "

After all this time, Angie googled me and asked for my help. I was thrilled..even though I don't do rentals...I can certainly help point them in the right direction. After speaking with her client's friend, I gave  some suggestions and was going to do a post tonight on what she needed. It was going to be tittled something like... ''Find A Home For These 2 Dogs'' I was just waiting for the photos of her pups.

But, and as of today, this young intern  has rented a home for two years. ''YEAH'' is what her email said and a sweet thanks for helping.

I will be wishing Angie lots of success in Real Estate, sending  Real Estate the Rome Way  and inviting her to ActiveRain.

Do you think she will join? Do you think I can get a young agent of 3 months to start blogging?

Would you remember a home sold 19 years ago?

Margaret Rome
Author of Real Estate the Rome Way



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