Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Blog Comment Told Me I Was Famous!


On a recent post about making my own appointments..I received this comment from Lloyd Binen:

                                                   Lloyd Binen

''I saw your picture in a webinar class I took this morning and I had no idea you were so famous."

So I asked Lloyd,  ''Which webinar? I did not know I was famous either!" 

Lloyd replied with this information. '' ....the webinar was called "The 7 Blogging Secrets of Today's Top Agents" ...  The commentator mentioned several different bloggers and showed home pages, and you were one that he mentioned.... Here's a link.   It's an hour long...'' 

Right away, I clicked on the link and listened. It was my friend and fellow CyberStar® Brad Korn. The presentation was excellent and Brad shared some of my blogging success. 

My book, Real Estate the Rome Way, was a result of blogging. Blogging has gotten me  referrals , a book review, many listings, buyers, wonderful connections and virtual friends all over the country.

The Washington Post has quoted me   and even ran a front page article  in the real estate section, after reading  one of my blogs  about a Thursday afternoon BBQ.

Realtor Magazine honored me with the title of Open House Master ... sent a crew from Chicago to film me for two days. That was also the very first   ActiveRain Open House

They found me through posts of  other unique open houses... like A Three Day yard sale  and a Popcorn and Champagne Open House.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don't do opens.. but now due to the publicity of blogging, I have gone National. 

Recently I presented  a session at our board for Rookie agents.  Instead of telling the class why they 'should' blog, I told them why I blog.

I blog about my listings. I blog about neighborhoods and link back. I blog about the weather, the birds, the squirrels, and my beautiful new cat, Phoebe.

I blog answers to buyers and sellers questions.  I blog about other agents, transactions, vendors, restaurants, what 2 questions I ask to get a listing.

I even blog about a special member like Lloyd Binen and pick up the phone and have a delightful conversation.

Continue to blog and you might hear: I Had No Idea You Were So Famous!

A Blog Comment Told Me I Was Famous!

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