Sunday, August 14, 2011

Congratulations, Margaret Rome!

What a wonderful way to end a workend. Yep a new listing and a new property under contract!

On Fridays...I sometimes say: "Only 2 more workdays until Monday!" This weekend was just that...a workend.

I am just about to write a post about my new Canton Listing at 709 S. Milton Ave when I see this amazing post by my friend Praful. I am so fortunate to have his admiration and friendship.  This reblog will count as tonight's post!

Praful, You have always honored me by discussing your business ideas with me.
Thank you my virtual friend!!

Via Praful Thakkar - Real Estate Consultant Andover Homes For Sale North Andover (Keller Williams Realty):
Margaret Rome.

It was July 2006, almost at the same time when ActiveRain took the breath of fresh air, she started blogging on this platfom.
Since then, she has contributed many many posts and many new thoughts. I always wonder how she manages to save all these great ideas in her little head.
My blogging career is pretty fresh - but at many stages, I have learened from her posts (and of course, many RainMakers.)
It was almost a year ago when I received a call from a number I did not recognize. Sure enough, it was Marga-Great (that's what I named her, for her greatness), congratulating me on my featured post where I had 'stolen' the idea from her post on how to promote your blogs to get more comments. She had offered her autographed book to every 10th comment - and I was the winner.
You know the book, I think. If you have read her book 'Real Estate Rome Way', you'll know how different she is. (If you don't know, this book is in Trulia's Top 10 Real Estate books in 2008.)
Since then, she has helped me several times - including once where she helped me close a transaction when I was dealing with a difficult negotiation situation.
I am really lucky to be on ActiveRain and have found a great virtual friend (well, her voice is NOT virtual, BTW...) here at ActiveRain.
What more do I say, Margaret? Everyone knows you, here at ActiveRain and  elsewhere, too.

This post is dedicated to your milestone of 1,000 very very useful posts on ActiveRain. I'll be honest, I have not read them all - but I know, each and every post delivers a unique message, be it print-ad or future sellers or these roses don't smell etc. etc. etc.
This is, what I think is her 1,000th post - A Last Minute Appointment - an interesting one. I liked her philosophy in this post --

''They may not make an offer if the house is not tidy....

However, they difinitely will not make an offer if they don't see it!''

(You will be reaching 800,000 ActiveRain points mark soon - I hope you know that.)
Here's to your next MEGAPOSTS...
A MegaMarch Towards Next 'M' (as in Mega) continues....

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