Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Last Minute Appointment! To Show Or Not To Show!

 A Last Minute Appointment! To Show Or Not To Show!  

 If you have been following me, you know that I always make my own appointments.

This evening at 5:29 I receive a call from an agent requesting a showing for one of my listings.  No problem, what day and time would you like to make this appointment? 

The agent and the buyers are in front of the house and want to see it NOW!

Whoa! My delightful seller has two young children and may be in the middle of dinner and everything else that goes along with taking care of a family of four.

I ask the agent how much time can you give us?

While she is checking with her buyers...I have my seller on the other phone...saying "No Way, the house is not even close to showing condition."

The buyer's agent says they can give us 20 minutes. The agent apologized stating that she pulled the wrong listing and this is the house the buyers really want to see. Very legitimate explanation. 

So how do I advise my client who is an immaculate housekeeper and takes such pride in her home? She wanted to make a good impression.


So  I said..

''They may not make an offer if the house is not tidy....

However, they definitely will not make an offer if they don't see it!''

The house was shown and a call 15 minutes later from the agent thanking us for making it happen.

When I ask..'Do you have any questions?'  Her reply ...THEY LOVE IT!!

A Last Minute Appointment! To Show Or Not To Show!

I am emailing the disclosures right now. Stay tuned...

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