Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yes... We Found the Right House!!

I have been working with a wonderful young couple for quite a while...even  door knocked for them last May.  Showed them a house a few weeks ago that  Did Not Smell Like Roses!!

What most of you call buyers, I refer to as future sellers! Whenever the opportunity arises that I help with the purchase of a property, I want to make sure that the home is one I would be proud to represent as a listing agent. This makes me look at houses in a different way.

I tour the home with the buyers as though I was taking a listing. What does it need? What will it cost for updating? How would I market it? How is it priced? Is the value there? What if I had to resell it in a year? What else is on the market? How does it compare?

At the same time I am watching the buyer's reaction. What do they like? What don't they like? I play devil's advocate. If they don't like it, I find the positives. If they do like it, I find the negatives.

We have looked at numerous homes that the buyers have found on their own. I  knew none of them were for this couple.

I made a promise that we would find the right home. Discouragement was evident as time went on. I really wanted them in contract before the end of August..before the new baby's due date. Time was running out and when we went into that last smelly house..I think they were ready to give up.

A phone call this week from good friends and former clients alerted me to home of their friends.  It had been under contract and fallen through. They wanted me to find them a buyer in two days. WHOA! How is that possible? They said you are so good we just thought to give you a call.

OK where is this house?

It turns out it is the same house we have been watching...but out of our price range.  The house was perfect, the location ideal..but over our budget. I was asked to show the house anyway. Nope not going to show a house to buyers that they cannot afford.

The next day my buyers called to see a house that had just been reduced by a huge amount. They were notified though the use of my IDX site.  It was the same house! The right house!
By then, I already had a lender letter with the max they could afford, went to see the property yesterday, full contract offer in hand. They loved it... I knew they would! We signed the contract within hours of touring the property. Today we have a ratified contract and two of the happiest future sellers you ever want to meet.

Stay tuned for follow up pictures!

Yes... We Found the Right House!!


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