Saturday, September 24, 2011

A First Showing... Using My New iPad!

A First Showing...Using My New iPad

Today we had our first showing on this very large and spacious condo located at 4001 Old Court Rd. Pavilion in the Park.

This beautiful condo is larger than most homes with over 2600 square feet. And it is unbelievably bright with huge windows on three sides.

But today was a day of liquid sunshine  even though others would call it a rainy day. The condo was still bright even before the lights were  turned the lights on and the drapes opened..

I heard the buyers OOH-ing and  AHHH-ing over the size of the kitchen, the amount of pantry space, the over sized window and the abundance of cabinets. They kept commenting on the size as they explored this beautiful terrace level condo. A few times, they got "lost". When they thought they had seen everything, they "discovered' another bedroom, a laundry room and a space plumbed for a 1/2 bath that allows even more storage.

When I heard them ask..'what is this room?'....I knew what needed to be done!  Listening to their comments and questions, I took out  my iPad!

At the time, they were in the large master bedroom with a door to the terrace, hers and hers walk-in closets, another closet designed  just for shoes, a mirrored make up area, the lavish master bath with jetted tub and walk in shower. I was able to show the master with a king size bed and plenty of room for a sofa. And they wanted to see more. 

It was easy showing the "before" photos with furniture and I  was able to make the individual photos larger...full screen size.

                            iPad  HomeRome 410-530-2400  

                      iPad HomeRome 410-530-2400


  The buyers were impressed with the property but they were equally impressed with the technology. This is just Another Use of My New iPad.  

Being able to show the  Condo while it was furnished  and then compare it  after the sellers moved out    was very helpful. I even had a photo of the parking space and storage...saving us time by not going to the underground garage.

A First Showing ....Using My New iPad

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