Sunday, September 25, 2011

Going The Speed Limit Can Be....!

Going The Speed Limit Can Be .....!

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In the mail a few weeks ago we received a Citation Speed Monitoring System Violation.  Why did we  get this Citation?  Our car was photographed by an automatic camera system.  It is NOT a "Traffic Ticket"  It is Not a "Moving Violation" but under Maryland State Law TA 21-809 you are responsible for a violation..similar to a parking ticket.

Included was a photo of our car and license plate plus the date, time and location. Of course there were 4 different payment options...web, phone, mail, or walk-in.

A whopping 39 MPH in a 25 MPH zone resulted in a fine of $ points and no increase in insurance rates. I certainly don't remember going at such an excessive speed!

I went back to the scene of the 'crime' to check it out. In order to  go down this bit of a hill and stay at 25 MPH, it was necessary to have my foot on the break pedal the entire way.

It was time for an experiment. Using the cruise control, I set my speed. If the limit was 25 MPH that's what I did, When 30 MPH was posted... again I set the control. Do you know how dangerous annoying this is?

In addition to Lee asking 'why  are you driving this way?', there are honking horns, and cars riding my bumper. I did not speed up to get through a light...uh uh just stayed in the legal limit!

Today I found.. Going The Speed Limit Can Be _____! 

You fill in the blank.



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