Friday, September 30, 2011

Sometimes it Pays to Preview a Property!

Sometimes it Pays to Preview a Property!

A few weeks ago I received a sign call on 6202 Ivymount Rd. Baltimore 21209   but it was too late for these potential buyers..the property had just gone to settlement. We had a lovely conversation and they told me they had an appointment to interview a buyer's agent. I wished them luck and said if  any of my future listings fit their criteria, I would call them or their agent.

A week or so later another call from these same buyers. They did not think the agent they interviewed had a feel for what they wanted. Everyone, including these buyers, knows I am a listing agent. But this couple liked the way I knew the unusual homes and the area they were considering. They asked if I would consider taking them on. They told me they were not in a hurry, wanted a home with a pet friendly space..preferably fenced, and loved being outside. They wanted nature, trees, peace..a retreat with charm. Since it was just for the two of them..they did not need much space. They are from Canada and love the cold and wanted some relaxing space on the outside.

I emailed them my IDX site so they could search the MLS like an agent.  By going to  All Active Maryland Listings  they could look at everything. If and when they found something they liked..just call or email me.  We went to see a couple of homes and I liked how they analyzed each property. I was  pretty sure I would know the house when it became available.

These buyers were out of town when this charming, but tiny, home came on the market. It sounded good but the dimensions seemed way to small..less than 1000 feet.

I knew the agent holding the open house this past Sunday and  stopped by to preview and visit with my friend. I fell in love with the property and think it could work. These buyers will be meeting me at the home upon their return next week.

What makes me think it will work?  It is on almost an acre, lots of nature, lots of trees. Part of the land is fenced and there is plenty of parking. It is in an area they like and it feels like a retreat. It is in immaculate move in condition. It just might be a bit too small. 

Having my camera ready, I sent them some photos of the interior as well as the outside. Here are a few below.

Stay tuned! Next week I will be showing this house!

Sometimes it Pays to Preview a Property!

  Mt Washington HomeRome 410-530-2400        Mt Washington HomeRome 410-530-2400


   This photo below is the entire first, dining and kitchen area. Is this home going to have enough space?

                                      Mt Washington HomeRome 410-530-2400

 Stay tuned! Next week I will be showing this house!

 Sometimes it Pays to Preview a Property!



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