Friday, September 09, 2011

When I hear, I am too busy or just can't fit it in, my thoughts go immediately to my favorite blogger C Tann Starr. At 10 AM yesterday C Tann was in New York with a full schedule. Knowing how unbelievable her hectic schedule has become...I still wanted to let her know we would miss her at our gathering. Miss her...forget it!

Carolyn canceled her back to back appointments, hopped into her car and drove, in not ideal weather, to Baltimore in plenty of time to share the festivities. What a treat to share the meetup and my birthday with this awesome friend!
Please go sign up and follow this outstanding musician, blogger, writer, author, mother and way more things than you could imagine.
Thank you for making time for us!!

Via C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr Music

The fun thing about having a mobile studio touring set-up is the fact that you can work just about anywhere... Yesterday I was supposed to do Book Club with my bookies, then take my gear into the studio and master two musical tracks. Instead, I was sitting on the coffee bar stool in Starbucks with my mouth hanging open because I missed a social media invitation to come out and hang in Maryland with some really cool bloggers in the real estate industry.
Some of my AR blogging buddies were asking if I was coming to the Maryland ActiveRain get together after virtual RainCamp. My girlfriend Margaret Rome left a comment stating in sum and substance that I was kinda busy. Hmm... When did I get so damn busy I couldn't kick my schedule to the curb and come out to play with some of my Club Chaos bay-bays, eh? So I ditched my fabulously fun reading peeps, canceled the album session, left Twitter and Facebook messages that I was outie, tweeted where the gathering was taking place (in case yall wanted to come to the brick and mortar par-tay), packed a bag and simply drove off into the rain.
No one believed I was driving to Maryland... Even though I said in the comments section of my blog (and gal pal's blog) I'd see 'em later... It was the radio silence of me not flipping music, being snarky or facetious on-line, answering e-mail and stalking chatting with my fave authors in cyberspace that started to catch peoples attention... Then the e-mails started piling up and my Android went crazy with a stream of notifications from eight mad busy accounts.
WTF? She really left on a 4 hour joy ride drive just like that? Over a damn comment of disappointment? Seriously? SERIOUSLY???
Um... well yeah (silly grin). Friends are the family you get to pick for yourself. I happen to have really cool friends that I actually love and don't just engage them in virtual social media parties (although I will confess that I do soooo love high-jacking blogs and having on-line virtual-parties - wicked little grin). We actually have real life relationships, swap family pics, playfully stalk each other in Facebook and actually care about sharing the tiny little details of our day... We just don't always blog about it (silly grin).
FYI: It wasn't just an ActiveRain meet up, it was also my girlfriend's birthday. Do you know what she did when I walked through the door of Suburban House? Margaret Rome's smile grew bright, she gave me a big hug and kiss then promptly grabbed my jeans to spot-check my undies to see if they were lace panties or biker shorts (LMAO).
A collective public gasp was heard. We were standing in the isle of a very busy restaurant. Without missing a beat she asked with a cheeky grin, "Did you guys read her latest blog post about Undies, Strumpets and Jaye Fabulous?"
Um... Er... Nooooo... then smart phones whipped out and the giggling started. What's a little sneak peek and mild wedgie among good friends, eh? ;-)

We did what we usually do after that: tease, eat tasty food, catch up, take lots of pictures and laugh our a$$ off. We happen to be a warm-and-fuzzy, huggy, comfy, funny group of bloggers so the jokes and conversations never ended and covered the spectrum of everything imaginable when not talking shop. Psst... Even shop talk was fun (LOL). My friends happen to be wonderful small business owners with a great sense of humor so you ought to meet with them if you can. If you are going to be in social media then be social. You'd be surprised what cool doors will open for you to walk through...
P.S. Did I mention I have fun, vampy friends? I do you know. They are not all living in New York City either and we are always down for some spoof-and-goof. When I get back to New York I will probably be greeted with fresh wedgies for having to confess I'm still in biker shorts (rolls eyes then sighs). You do realize if I don't confess this now people will be calling Margaret for an undie-audit update (LOL). Yup. We actually are brazen and roll that way (LOL). ;-)

FYI: I am going to be hanging out with the Maryland crew who are going to help me do a wee bit of location scouting for some visuals while I am here because I am going to be creating a fun bookie YouTube for the lovely and talented author Lynn Rush. We are cooking up some more Wasteland social media fun. Yup. There will be visual mischief afoot to go with her author tribute tracks. After all, having fun in social media is what we do (and I love teasing my social media friends - LOL).

Tonight's Maryland Wordy C pajama party is hosted by the gorgeous, classical pianist Erica Rome. I'm chilling in her condo by her baby grand piano while her Calico cat keeps a possessive eye on me (LOL). My girlfriend Ellie McIntire-Sowden is going to show me around Ellicott City when I finish running amok in Pikesville and Baltimore. Never been. Looking forward to exploring the sites and blogging with my buddies. ;-)

Ellie is the chick I'm hugging up top. Will post more pics later. Time to nap. I have a lot of work to do between playtime (LOL). ;-)



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