Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Could Compete With This Logo?

Who Could Compete With This Logo?

We have all seen some clever advertising over the years but this is maybe the best ever! Recently did a home inspection on a property that goes to settlement this week.

When on the buying side, I like to have everything done at one time...all contractors scheduled the same day. That includes the home inspector, the termite inspector, testing for radon, water potability and septic system including a clean out.

This is where Michael Inc. showed up with their new truck. I thought Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome was clever. Not nearly this clever. Check out the one on this green truck.


                                 We're #1 in THe # 2 Business

Have you ever seen a better sign? Can you compete with this logo? Is this not a company you would remember?

                          # 1 in the # 2 Business

                                 Can You Compete With This Logo?


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