Friday, October 07, 2011

Do You Like My New Grand Kits?


                    Do You Like My New 'Grand Kits"?

                   Calvin Rome

Erica fell in love with Calvin and Lily last April on her first day volunteering at the  Humane Society of Baltimore County Inc. which is located at 1601 Nicodemus Road  Reisterstown, Maryland 21136  410-833-8848

She still  spends time at the Humane Society playing with the cats on Tuesdays, and is the front desk greeter on Sundays.


Erica felt a bit guilty because she spent more time with Calvin and Lily than any of the other cats. But no more guilt...!  On Monday, she  adopted this brother and sister duo who are solid white, and have been together since kittenhood

Thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos of my grand kits.

                                              Calvin and Lily Rome

That's Lily in the back watching big brother play!

These two cats are full of fun.. playing with teaser toys (strips of felt hanging off a stick), climbing on things (Calvin even plays the piano), and constantly headbutt. 

And it's pretty cool that they each answer to their names.  Calvin has a very distinctive loud meow and will talk back and forth with you as long as you play that game.  Sometimes he lets out 5-second's pretty funny.


                                 Calvin Rome

  He stuck his tongue out at me!

                                 Calvin and Lily

  Lily playing with Calvin's tail.

                                Calvin Rome

  Is this not a handsome kitty?

Do You Like My New Grand Kits?

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