Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elevator Speech Is Only Three Seconds!

 My Elevator Speech is Only Three Seconds!

                                            Two Time Watch


You know how it goes. You are at a networking event or business association meeting, and it's that time when everyone gets to introduce themselves. The leader says, "Give us your name, company, and a little about what you do…but please keep it short!"

Around the room, people get up....some drone on and on, others barely whisper their name and  still others stammer through an almost inaudible description.

When my turn comes, I say it in three seconds flat and sit down while they are still laughing and applauding.


                  "Margaret Rome.... Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome.

 In the beginning it was "Market Your Home with Margaret Rome" but I quickly one wants their home marketed...they want it SOLD!

My elevator speech, my tag line, my print ads, my website, my business cards, my blog header and my signs... all say the same...Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome !

                                                            Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome

                    If You Want Sold On Your Home...Call Margaret Rome!

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