Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Season of Miracles...An accident was the beginning of a real estate career!


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Being a 'stay at home mom' I took up my second career..that of a ceramic and porcelain artist. There was a full studio in my home where I  designed pottery for clients, The Design Center in DC, the Symphony Decorator's Show House, plus doing window displays for fine jewelry stores. My porcelains were used to drape the strands of gold, diamonds and pearls over the art pieces. I even made closing gifts for some of the real estate agents.

                                         Free Form Porcelain by Margaret Rome

Then there was the accident...rear ended while driving and suffered neck and back issues...told I needed surgery. Since no one could guarantee the use of my hands...I decided against it. They advised me not to lift more than five pounds. You must be kidding! My box of clay weighed 50 more ceramics for awhile.

During this time I get a call from a former RN asking if I wanted to sell my house?  I asked: why the interest and found out she was now a Realtor®.

I had been helping people write ads for their homes and finding houses in the area for friends. For that service, I got beautiful thank you notes.  This former nurse told me...I could get paid for doing that and she wanted my referrals.

That very same week, I signed up and took a Real Estate course to "tide" me over until I could get back to the clay which I loved.

That was in 1990 and many of my former patients, their families and owners of my artwork became my real estate clients. I love walking into a home and finding one of my custom pieces out on display. I love being able to use my nursing background especially the psychology that is needed for the stress of moving. I love being able to incorporate my nursing, my ceramic art and my love of real estate into my wonderful life!

Fall Season of Miracles...An accident was the beginning of a real estate career!



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