Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Here Is What We Have Been Waiting For...iOS 5 for the iPad...Thank you Abe Schmidt.

 Here is what we have been waiting for...iOS 5 for the iPad...Thank you Abe Schmidt.

When I saw this post Blog and comment on ActiveRain from your iDevices starting TODAY by  our technical adviser Abe Schmidt, I picked up the phone and called him. Guess what? He answered right away and was a delight to speak with. He explained how to update the new system.

In his blog post Abe said:  "With the highly anticipated release of iOS5 finally arriving today, iPhone and iPad users will be able to comment and blog on ActiveRain from the fully functional WYSIWYG integration in the new and improved Safari application.
Users that upgrade to the amazing new ios5 will also notice immediate speed improvements and dozens of useful organizational integrations that will be useful to Real Estate professionals and absolutely anyone in the housing industry.''

'Directions from Abe:
  1. Plug your current iPad into your computer and open iTunes once you've installed it. Your iPad should start to sync and backup automatically.

  1. If it doesn’t start to sync automatically, click the Sync button in order to back up your device. (You can alternately right click your device name in the navigation bar and click back up as well. Either way will work just fine.)

  1. iTunes may prompt you that an update is available. If it does just click update after you’ve backed up your device (iTunes will also prompt you to back up if you haven’t already.)

  1. If it doesn’t, click Check for Update under the Version section.
  2. The new software will start to download and then install. Your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad will restart. Don’t worry about it. Let iTunes do it’s thing and update your device to iOS 5.

  1. Once it’s done updating, iTunes should prompt you to do one of two things – set up as a new device or restore from a backup. Choose to restore from a backup and select the backup you just made.
  2. Once the restore is done your device will reboot. When iTunes detects it again it will start to sync back any apps and games your old iPhone had installed.

After you’ve done the initial manual update to iOS 5 you’ll have the option to use iCloud backups in the future. Do it. It’s free and it just works.  HOPE THIS HELPS!
Abe Schmidt'

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