Friday, October 21, 2011

The Power of Active Rain....Compassion for The Loss of a Loved One..Jamie Caulk

Sally and David's  tribute to this family speaks for many of us who know and love this beautiful loving family.

Jamie was a lucky young man to have Missy as his mother.

Via Sally & David Hanson WI Realtors Luxury\Short Sale\CDPE\ABR\e-Pro\REDS (Keller Williams 414-525-0563):

Sympathy   Lots of blogs talk about the POWER of Active Rain....the potential to learn, share ideas, promote properties, understand technology, stay on top of your real estate game....and there are all kinds of ways that agents, lenders, suppliers, title companies, lawyers and other allied professionals find different reasons to read, to share opinions and ideas. Different is what makes the world go 'round...different view points politically, religiously, every aspect of our lives, we respect the right to have another or different opinion. Last night we checked in to Facebook to find that the world had been diminished by of our own has lost a loved one with the passing of Jamie Caulk, son of Missy Caulk....a veteran ...icon ....leader....teacher in Active Rain. The tears fall freely....we prayed for the best possible result...we sent the comfort and all the prayers we could say to Jamie and his Missy knowing that the pain of losing a child is one of the worst one can experience in a lifetime. Active Rain means a little something different to everyone. I am saddened by the loss for Missy and her family....the burden of their grief is heavy and all of us want to make it lighter and lessen the pain. The tears flow freely as I write this....and know that the Active Rain every spirit reaches out with comfort, positive thoughts and healing prayers. Active Rain is more than housing statistics....there is the Pay it Forward that has taught us all to share what we have with others who "have not". Right now it is the overwhelming feeling of wanting to do something positive for a fellow member of Active Rain as her spirit needs support in this, her hour of pain and loss....we share it...we want to make her burden lighter.

      I ask you to re-blog this blog... Add this sentiment to your Facebook let people know that Jamie Caulk has passed...that his family welcomes your kind thoughts and prayers....and to know that Active Rain is more than the brick and mortar we talk and blog is a caring community that offers a hand up and a heart out to the members of this site.  For whatever higher power each of believes in....Missy and Family, Please know that you have all the support, love and outreaching of sympathy we all have to offer you at this difficult time.  Take our Strength, find comfort in our compassion and know that the many memories he has left you are yours for a lifetime.

Sally K. & David L. Hanson, ABR, CDPE, CSS, e-Pro,ILHM, REDS



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