Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fun At An Apple Workshop!

Even though it is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I had signed up for a workshop at the Apple Store in Towson. With all the reports of heavy traffic and accidents etc..I thought a 5:00 class is not the best idea. But it was already on my schedule and I kept the appointment.

And am I glad!! The entire workshop consisted of me and Shae and we had so much fun. One question after another I fired at Shae and she was answering them. How do you make ® on the iPad? ..can't. You have to copy and save and then paste it. Someone tell my why?

In between my questions, Shae continued to give me pointers and show useful and fun things on the iPad.

While there Lindsay, who helped me a couple of weeks ago was in the store with her adorable daughter. I asked permission to take her picture and she posed. What a cutie!

                    Shae- Towson Apple Store      Lindsay's daughter
Lindsay's adorable daughter.

Arriving home, I notice a couple of comments from William Johnson on ''my  post''  which consisted of three letters in its entirety!  Yep, you guessed it, I was playing with the AR blog at the workshop. Even though it said 'draft' it went public. Sorry Mr. Johnson for being the cause of your 50 point loss. The post and your comments have been deleted.

To sign up for these workshops....go to, find your store and make a reservation...pretty simple.

There is one called "Getting Started with iPad and iPhone and another "Going Further with iPad and iPhone.

There might be 10-15 people in these sessions or you may just luck out and no one else shows up. I am told this is not likely but it happened for me!

Fun At An Apple Workshop!

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