Thursday, December 15, 2011

ActiveRain MeetUp in Annapolis...Thank You Martha Brown!

ActiveRain MeetUp in Annapolis...Thank You Martha Brown!

It was a wonderful day starting with two settlements in Baltimore and a delightful drive to Annapolis with Hillary Gibbons from Roo Solutions.

There were 12 ActiveRainers with smiles, hugs, good conversation and cameras.

 Bridget, John, Rich, Gerry, Martha, Valarie, Hillary, June, Margaret, Bridget, Margaret

Margaret, Ellie, Martha Brown                                                Margaret, Ellie, Martha

Mortgage Mama came with gifts for everyone!! Love this photo with the Towne Center Tree in the background. 

Gettysburg Gerry was playing with his toy tablet and we all enjoyed the wonderful meal at the  Brio Tuscan Grille Restaurant.

                  Mortgage Mama  Gerry with tablet  ActiveRain Meetup Brio 12/2011


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Active Rainers get together in Annapolis- Cameras and chatter.

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 ActiveRain MeetUp in Annapolis...Thank You Martha Brown!

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