Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December’s Season of Celebrations & Sharing ..December Challenge Day 19..I Hope it Makes a Difference!

 December Challenge Day 19.

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These December Blogs have been boring to read for many members. So here is another take on this challenge.

Karen Anne Stone wrote a post stating ''What if each of us could commit to find someone in need... and reach out... offer our hand in friendship, or do whatever small thing we could... to "lend a hand.. ?"

This kind of challenge could really make a difference. So instead of telling you what I did productive today for the real estate business... I want to tell you the donation I made this week.  Had not thought of sharing this because to me charity is not for talking about...it is for doing. But Karen made a good point. By sharing what we are doing it may encourage others do the same.

So here is Day 19 and I hope it makes a difference.

 My friend Paul Tanenholz is President of the ML4 Foundation. Paul and Susan are the amazing parents of Lily, Heidi and Becky.  They have been instrumental in getting this rare disease noticed. There are only a couple hundred known cases. Will this money help Lily...maybe not but it might help others in the prevention of ML 4. I am so proud of Lilly's dad Paul who heads up the foundation.

                                          Lilly Tanenholz ML 4
Lily on the left..always smiling!

Interested ....read about it and watch the videos. Here is the website for the  ML4 Foundation  There is a short 2 minute video and you can see a picture of Lily and Heidi Tanenholz.  Just listen to Heidi talk about her twin sister.

Should you want to learn more the 10 minute video is here.

                                                   Lily Tanenholz ML 4 Foundation

 So here is Day 19 and I hope it makes a difference.

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