Saturday, December 24, 2011

December’s Season of Celebrations & Sharing ...Happy Christmas Eve ...Happy Birthday Gail Harris!

Happy Christmas Eve...Happy Birthday Gail Harris!

Gail is my friend and I want to wish her a Happy Birthday today! We met 10 years ago under extreme conditions at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Both Gail and TLH were very ill. Lee was given a poor chance of survival and Gail's diagnosis was not a whole lot better.

We met at a catered poker game at the hospital that I threw for Lee. The guys were noisy and got yelled at by Gail's husband Rich. You see she had been in surgery all day and the poker party was disturbing. I felt so bad that the next morning I went into Gail's room waving a white napkin....asking for forgiveness. From that time we have been friends. I encouraged  forced Gail to join  ActiveRain. Just search our two names and you learn lots about the two of us. I have listed some of the posts below.

Please go wish my friend a Happy Healthy Wonderful Birthday. She is one special lady.

Happy Christmas Eve...Happy Birthday Gail Harris!

                                               Chocolate Birthday Cake HomeRome 410-530-2400

One of many stories about the PURPLE VISOR!!


Happy Christmas Eve...Happy Birthday Gail Harris!

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