Friday, December 02, 2011

Highly likely to recommend

Some time ago, I wrote  Don't Forget to Ask for a Review...You Deserve It! One of my favorite sellers and now friend posted a very kind review of me on Zillow. It started off with...''Highly likely to recommend.''

This is the home located in Westminster Where You Can Live Like You are on Vacation All Year Round!  It is one of my favorite all time listings...a cantilevered contemporary on 28 acres.


                        Contemporary...HomeRome 410-530-2400

And here is Lucy's summary of our relationship during the selling process.

'Highly likely to recommend


Margaret is a hands down the best agent I've ever worked with in selling or buying a home. She not only listens, is patient and professional, but she thinks outside the box and is superiorly creative in her approach. We listed a pretty challenging home located on a large amount of land. We were concerned about the sale in this market, which as you know, isn't what it use to be. With her talents, perseverance and large amount of contacts, we were able to sell our custom home. We were NOT merely placed on the MLS listings, had a sign installed and left to wait for a buyer to come along, which I have experienced with other realtors in the past. Margaret Rome is a genuine top notch agent who truly cares about your needs, and offers so much more than I can even mention here. She arranged for custom floor plans to be included in the full color multipage brochure, a fabulous professional photographer and wide spread internet exposure. Without her stelar negotiations, impeccable timing and ambitious nature, I'm convinced we'd never have sold our home. One conversation with Margaret and you'll see. In my opinion of all the Realtors I've ever worked with and interviewed (bought and sold 3 homes) she has a unique offering that would be difficult to match.

Posted by Lucy Clark on 11/28/2011 '


Highly likely to recommend

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