Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The One That Got Away.

Quite a few years ago my friend and neighbor called asking  my opinion about whether or not to sell her Baltimore home. We visited over coffee and some good conversation.

Since she owned her home out right, her only expenses were utilities, taxes and upkeep. She loved her home which was  a rancher..all on one floor and was very happy there. Family members were suggesting it was time to make a move to an apartment.

I shared my feelings since she specifically asked. This was not the time to move. She was living well within her means, capable of caring for herself and she was making the decision because of others and not for herself. She was very appreciative of my honesty and told me how others only wanted to list her home.

A few weeks later...you guessed it..A FOR SALE SIGN (not mine) was in front of her house. A family member had suggested her friend the real estate agent..who "talked" her into signing.  To this day when I see her, she tells me what a mistake and wonders why she didn't  listen. She is not happy in her apartment. She is just not happy.

I am writing this for

 Looking back, I would have still given the same advice. No, that does not help my bottom line as far a commission goes..but it was the right thing to do. I know I could have gotten that listing. It was not the business practice that I wanted to be known for. I have talked many people out of listing their homes when I felt the timing was not right. I always ask...Are you 100% sure you want to sell your home?

We need to make sure we are doing what the client needs...not what we need!

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