Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There is a Lot of Paperwork When Getting Ready to Sell!

 There is a Lot of Paperwork When Getting Ready to Sell!


 Anyone who has bought, sold, or refinanced a house in the past knows that there are stacks of papers that have to be signed before the keys change hands. Most of those papers come from the Realtor®, the title company, and the lender.

When thinking of selling your home, you will need the necessary paperwork. Depending on how long you've been in your home these may not be so easy to find.

Here are some of the items necessary to move forward with listing and selling.


  1. The  documents when you bought the house - including the contract, the settlement sheet, loan documents, title insurance and location survey.

  2. Any documents from a refinance, ground rent or proof of redemption, home equity or second mortgage along with loan numbers and bank pay off information.

  3. Receipts and permits for any major improvement or renovation such as adding a bathroom or extending a deck.

  4. Warranties for any appliances or home systems that you've repaired or replaced recently. Do you have a roofing certificate?

  5. Floor plans or original house plans, a list of what you love about the house along with out of season photos of the spring gardens, swimming pool or snow scenes etc.

  6. Homeowner association, condo, or co-op documents, including any proof  showing compliance with the rules for renovations or additions such as decks or color changes.

  7. Tax receipts and bills that will show a prospective buyer the gas, electric, water, and tax charges.

  8.  Power of Attorney,trustee and/or Death Certificates.

Please have a couple of set of keys available along with the security code and garage door openers.


 There is a Lot of Paperwork When Getting Ready to Sell!

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