Thursday, December 29, 2011

This is my favorite gift from a Best Friend.

 This is my favorite gift from a Best Friend.

It is a very special book with twenty photos that chronicles our friendship over the past couple of decades. The front was done in my very special color..chocolate brown, and the opening photo was of Peg and me taken a few years ago. 

Slowly flipping through the book, good times and memories flooded in. Within moments I was on the phone turning each page and sharing those wonderful times with my friend Peg. There are photos of us at some of the many trips and excursions we did each month.

                                Best Friends

 A couple ActiveRain members. See if you can name them.

                                Friendships..Margaret Rome

There was Union Station in DC. The Fairgrounds at Timonium, The ACC art show that we went each and every year. There were pictures of CyberStars ™ and Floyd Wickman gatherings along with WCR and NAWBO and me at my Auction of Tatiana's Home.    There are pictures of the day my book arrived and another of my first book signing.

                                        Margaret Rome and Real Estate


 And lovely words through out. The cover title reads Best Friends and the book ends with...We are and will always be best friends.

This is my favorite gift from my best friend.

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