Friday, December 09, 2011

Who's Reading My Baltimore Blog? Who's Reading Yours?

Who's Reading My Baltimore Blog? Who's Reading Yours?


First Reader:

Last week I wrote Welcome to Baltimore Hon! and this morning I received a comment plus an email from Charlene Osborne:

"OMG!!!  THANK YOU!  You are so kind and thoughtful.  I love it!  You just made my day...  I have a dozen Hons headed to Annapolis tomorrow for a book signing and Hon fun....Would love to see you there." 

Of course I had to share this with Martha Brown hoping she will go meet the 'Baltimore Hon' in her city of Annapolis.  Would not be surprised if there is another post tomorrow.

                                                                            Lee and Baltimore's Best Hon

Second Reader:

Yesterday I received a phone call from Jennifer Porter in Milwaukee asking permission to use photos from Celebrating 50 Years..Glen Burnie Transmission. 


Thanks so much....for allowing us to...share with our own blog audience at ETE REMAN...

Jennifer Porter''


You can read what Jennifer posted on her own blog...

Congratulations to Glen Burnie Transmissions on 50 GREAT Years!            On December 2nd, 2011, Glen Burnie Transmissions celebrated their 50th year in business. That’s an impressive milestone in any industry, and we are very proud to call Mark Schwartzman and his team friends. Wish you had been at the big party? We do, too! At least we can all [...]''  


Now I know people in Baltimore, Annapolis and even Milwaukee are reading my blog..Who's reading yours?

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