Monday, December 05, 2011

Yes I Answer My phone And Handle Spam

Yes I Answer my Phone and Handle Spam.

This is the comment I left on Gary Woltol's post  Do You Answer Your Phone Nearly All The Time?

''Yes, I answer the phone almost always. Bluetooth in car allows hands free. If a is very easy to hang up.    I wear my phone...never have to "fish" for it.''

A telemarketer, or anyone who I choose not to speak with, only gets through once!

Realizing it is an unwanted call, I place the number into my "contacts list" and label  "SPAM".  Should that same unwanted call come in again... I hit "Decline".  It takes less than a minute and saves lots of time and  interruptions.

 End...Spam        Decline...Answer

When my phone rings with a number I don't recognize or even a 'blocked' number I do Answer those calls.

Some people will deliberately block their number. You do know how to block your number for a single call...right?  

    Way back.... about 100 years ago when I was looking for a home, I became so annoyed with the agents asking for my social security number, my firstborn's name and who I was related to....well maybe it wasn't that bad, but you get the idea.  I learned to give a fictitious name and phone number, not possible with caller ID today. Buyers want to get the info before they let us know who they are.

If someone turns out to be a problem... Here's How I Handled One, Kindness Impaired, Pushy Caller.


Yes I answer my phone and Handle Spam



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