Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Living and Working in Space...a Real Astronaut.

Living and Working in Space ...a Real Astronaut

Today I attended a lecture given by Dr. Donald A. Thomas.      

Dr. Thomas, a NASA astronaut, retired 4 years ago and is now teaching math and science at Towson University.

In Space  Living and Working in Space

Lots of people want to be in the space program which interviews thousands of candidates. Only a few select are chosen. Dr. Thomas tells about his 30 year journey to fulfill a life's dream.


                                Don Thomas PhD       Rocket Tie
 Impressed with his tie...I took a close up...rocket ships...but of course.

Dr.Thomas showed photos inside the space shuttle and talked about some of the experiments. He spoke about there being no up or down in space and even how to "go potty".

When talking about the food, his assessment.. the freeze dried meals are almost edible. ''You do not go into space for the cuisine."

And there were photos from space showing the "eye" of a hurricane,  a volcano eruption and Dr. Thomas could brag about seeing the top of Mount Everest. 

It was exciting listening to his experiences. On his first take off..he was screaming...''YAHOO!'' inside his space helmet. No one could hear but he figured the others were screaming with the same exhilaration.

Living and Working in Space ...a Real Astronaut

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