Sunday, February 19, 2012

De-CowPie Your Home the Rome Way

De-Cow Pie Your Home the Rome Way

This post was inspired by two very special people  Linda Davis,  a fellow CyberProfessional  and my friend  Carra Riley.

Just tonight I received a delightful call from Carra and in the course of conversation told her about Linda Davis. Before I knew it, I had the title for tonight's blog!

De-Cow Pie Your Home the Rome Way

When speaking to clients who are thinking about selling their home, I find them overwhelmed with the thought of packing up a lifetime of stuff, memories and many years in their home.  It is such a stressful time and the tendency is  to put it off for way too long. Their children and family are  pushing them to get started. Sometimes the well meaning adult children are adding more stress to the situation.

One of my questions when listing a home,   Are You 100% Sure You Want to Move ?  Answering that question is the first step!

But until we get to the place where they are sure they are ready to move... this is a suggestion that I have been using lately.

                                              Big Calendar to Write on Each Day

Find a calendar..big enough that you can scribble on each and every day. Then do it. With an attached marker, write one thing that you are getting out of the house. This can be  throwing away trash or getting rid of useless junk.   This can be items that you can  give to a charity or recycle.  This could be contacting the kids who have stuff stored in your home.This could be a cherished item that you want to give to a special friend. Just look around  and see what you can eliminate today?

The suggestion of removing one thing is a starting place and not overwhelming. But getting rid of an item a day keeps you focused on the task at hand.

A gentle reminder is in order after the first week.  A phone call asking..."Have you purchased the calendar?" If not why not supply them with one?

De-Cow Pie Your Home the Rome Way



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